At Infinity we care about our tenants and strive to make your renting experience a happy one. Whether you are new to renting or have been a tenant for a while we want to help you find a property that will become a home.

Before moving we will provide you with a thorough property inspection form for you to check and return to us within 5 days from the commencement of your tenancy.


For all tenancies, tenants are to be aware that:


  • Tenancies commence at 12pm on the tenancy commencement date, and shall end at 3pm on the last day of the Tenancy.


  • For Periodic Tenancies and Fixed Term Tenancies the Tenant must give no less than 21 days notice, in accordance with current tenancy legislation.


  • The tenant will pay for any metered water provided to the premises. 


  • All blocked drains, wastes and pipes, caused by the tenant are to be repaired at the tenant's expense.


  • The landlord is to be notified immediately of ANY leaks, drips or damp appearing ANYWHERE in the house. 


  • The tenant will ensure rooms are aired to prevent mould forming.


  • No extra aerials are to be added to the premises without prior consent from the landlord.


  • The maximum number of persons taking up residence at the premises will only be those named on the tenancy agreement.


  • The tenant will keep the premises, grounds, lawns, gardens and chattels in a neat, tidy and clean manner at all times.


  • NO parties are permitted on the premises. 


  • NO animals are permitted on the property without the Landlord’s consent.  Consented animals are those as per photos and information supplied in the Tenancy Application.


  • NO blue tack, nails or screws will be used on the walls or ceilings of the said property. Only existing picture hooks are to be used.


  • The tenant is not to disable smoke alarms under any circumstance.  The tenant has the responsibility for replacing batteries or notifying landlords of defects.  The tenant shall regularly vacuum the dust off the smoke alarm which will prevent the alarm from being activated by dust build up in the alarm. 


  • The tenant is to have the carpets professionally cleaned at the conclusion of tenancy for treatment of stains as necessary. 


  • The tenant is not to place pot plants, fridges or freezers directly on to carpeted areas.


  • Anything left in the property at the conclusion of the tenancy will be disposed of at the tenant's cost.


  • Your Tenancy Agreement and Special Conditions will outline the full details relating to your tenancy.